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Special Circumstances Appeal

The Office of Student Financial Services is aware that a family's financial circumstances may change, which may affect you and your family’s ability to contribute toward your education. Our office can help address this issue and assist families who have experienced a significant change in income and/or resources.

The following circumstances can be considered:

  • Reduction of income or benefits in 2023.
  • Extraordinary medical or dental expenses in 2021.
  • Death of a parent or spouse whose information is on the FAFSA form.
  • Divorce or separation after filing the 2023–2024 FAFSA form.
  • Natural Disaster expenses not covered by Insurance
  • The Special Circumstances Form details what type of supporting documentation you must submit with the form to verify the change in circumstance.
  • Download the 2023–2024 Special Circumstances Form (PDF)

Each family's situation is unique and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Submission of an appeal does not guarantee approval, and families should make alternative payment arrangements while waiting for the outcome of an appeal. Please Note: Any changes to your financial aid awards will be contingent on the type of funds available, eligibility policies, and regulations. Please email with any questions.